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5 Ways Virtual Health Care Can Make Your Summer Peaceful and Carefree

(Client: Today's Parent x Maple)

Vacations are easier when you’re not worrying about your kids’ health.

Nothing is worse for a parent than having your carefully planned summer vacation or well-deserved trip to the cottage derailed by an unexpected scrape, sunburn or mystery illness. Summer should be about making memories and making the most of the warmer months with your family.

Thankfully, the virtual health-care app Maple gives you direct access to a trusted primary care provider in minutes, so you can focus on fun instead of worrying about medical what-ifs.

Here's how using Maple’s virtual care app can help keep your summer stress-free

Get health care anytime, anywhere

Bonfires on the beach or mountain hikes—no matter where your summer adventures take you, virtual health care puts a doctors expertise within reach when you need it most. No more scrambling to find a local clinic or worrying about long wait times. If you’re travelling abroad and unsure about how to deal with a health concern, Maple also lets you talk to a Canadian-licensed doctor via video call or text.

Travel smarts

Don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit. Stock up with travel-sized essentials, like Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes and gauze pads. For a kid-friendly touch, add bandages with colourful characters or fun-shaped cold compresses. Remember to download the Maple virtual health-care app and familiarize yourself with it before you leave for vacation, so youre prepared for anything.

Boo-boos and beyond

Summer adventures are about exploring the Great Outdoors, but sometimes that exploration leads to minor injuries or summer ailments. Through the Maple app, doctors and nurse practitioners can assess minor issues like scrapes and sunburns or major unexplained symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Specialists, who can be tough to book appointments with even at the best of times, can be accessed directly on the Maple app if you’re seeking advice on specific needs. With Maple, you can have peace of mind knowing a provider can answer your questions or confirm when you need emergency in-person care.

Hydration heroes

When the sun’s blazing, keeping kids hydrated in the heat can be a constant battle. But when fatigue, body aches or headaches strike, its crucial to consider whether your children are just tired from a day of play or if its something more serious. Primary care providers on Maple can give you expert advice without having to leave your sprinkler-fun fortress.

Care made comfortable

For some kiddos, especially those with anxieties or other challenges such as neurodivergence, a trip to the doctors office can be overwhelming. Visits with doctors on virtual care apps allow them to receive medical consultations in the comfort and familiarity of their own space. A relaxed environment can make the whole experience less stressful and more effective.

Empowering parents

When adventure calls, telemedicine’s accessibility and convenience can give parents a sense of security and peace of mind. Whether exploring new destinations or diving into summer activities, having access to reliable health-care support ensures you can focus on making memories without worrying about navigating health-care in unfamiliar areas while travelling.

Faster prescriptions and specialist referrals

Summer fun shouldnt be put on hold because you need a prescription refill or a referral to a specialist. With Maple, you can get the medications your child needs prescribed and refilled and sent to your door or at a local pharmacy if you travel coast-to-coast within Canada.

Beat the waiting game for a specialist

With the summer sun come the inevitable rashes, like eczema or poison ivy, that can sideline little swimmers. But waiting weeks for a dermatologist appointment can be a real drag, especially with itchy, uncomfortable kids waiting eagerly to dive back into the fun.

Maple makes it easy to keep the pool parties popping by offering direct access to primary care providers who can provide referrals or to specialists, like dermatologists, who you can book to see within a week, not months.

Helping you and your kids stay on track

Summer not only disrupts your kids eating habits with the end of predictable schedules and school lunches, but it can also increase your stress as you juggle family activities and scheduling.

If you’re trying to think of creative ways to help kids meet their nutritional needs, dietitians on Maple can provide personalized advice on keeping your childs diet healthy and enticing throughout the season.

Managing your mental health

Managing your mental health can be tough in the hustle of summer activities. Maple provides direct access to Canadian-licensed mental health therapists so you can find your calm. Mental health therapists are available for Canadians 18 and older, so if your kids aren’t quite kids any more, the Maple app can help them, too.

Download the Maple app on iOS or Android, or visit to learn more about how it helps you take charge of your family’s health on the go.

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