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Hollywood at home

This piece was ghostwritten for Brian Gluckstein and appeared on

Mix in some glam between working late and driving the kids to hockey practice.

Luxuriant stucco, gold leaf mirrored furniture, eternal sunshine and effortless glamour are images that rush to mind when one thinks “Hollywood.” But what can a girl do when she lives amidst snow, sleet and a cul-de-sac full of Tudor homes?

The most important thing to remember about Hollywood is that the stars exude confidence, even when they lack the self-esteem to leave the house without a team of makeup artists, personal trainers, assistants and publicists. Nurture your ego and remember that tried and true mantra of go big or go home. Whether or not you’re confident about having a creamy white living room, do it anyway. Whites and creams spell rich and lavish. Just make sure to get that stain guard.

Mirrored furniture, aside from being the quintessential ingredient in any 40’s glamour girl Hollywood home, is now one of the chicest things you can do. Stock up on mirrored coffee tables, chests and sideboards. Don’t forget that ubiquitous starburst mirror for over the mantel. Gold or silver leaf on etched mirror or as an accent on mirrored furniture is definitely complimentary and beautiful in an art deco room.

In Hollywood, everything shines, so it’s fitting that mirrors are featured everywhere. Another creative way of using light is the silk incorporated into the damask wool rug, which sparkles subtly when the light hits. The raw silk in the sofa gives a nice shine as well. The patent leather chair is a great use of texture and another example of a shiny surface working its way into the décor.

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with high ceilings, oversized urns are a great example of how you can incorporate some dramatic plant materials into your living room or sitting area. This looks glam and sophisticated as it flanks our camel backed sofa. The sofa, which touts a beautiful shape and creamy colour is classic and modern at the same time.

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