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About Nicolle

Nicolle Weeks brings over 20 years of experience as a journalist and content marketer, with a strong background in digital storytelling and content creation. Her career is marked by leadership roles in renowned media organizations, where she has successfully blended creative narrative techniques with innovative digital strategies.


Professional experience:


Group Manager of Content Design, Scotiabank: Nicolle currently leads a team of writers to produce engaging and educational financial content tailored to a wide audience, from novice investors to seasoned financial experts. Her role is driven by a personal passion for financial literacy and empowerment, reflecting her personal finance journey.

Digital Publisher, Rogers Communications: Nicolle managed the balance between editorial and revenue generation for some of Canada's most prestigious magazines (Maclean’s, Chatelaine, and FLARE). She was instrumental in shaping Rogers' digital strategies, areas she is particularly passionate about.


Music journalist and brand partnership leader, CBC: At the CBC, Nicolle combined her love for music with her expertise in brand partnerships and social media strategy. She was responsible for creating content that resonated with diverse audiences and forged meaningful connections through innovative digital storytelling.


Digital department head, Channel 4 (UK): Nicolle launched and edited, an entertainment news website. Her comprehensive role included editorial development, social strategy, user experience (UX) design, search engine optimization (SEO), and accessibility, ensuring a holistic and inclusive digital presence.




Nicolle’s writing has appeared in Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, The Globe and Mail,, and Her diverse portfolio showcases her ability to adapt her storytelling skills to different formats and audiences. Among her career highlights are interviews with high-profile musicians like Taylor Swift and Tony Bennett. She even received a (probably not real) marriage proposal from Adam Levine.

Content Consultant
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I'm a classically trained journalist and content expert and I've helped several world-class brands create compelling content campaigns from the ground up. I create sticky, engaging content to reach audiences where they play - whether it’s on a large-scale media website or an up-and-coming social media platform.


A well-executed content strategy ends in users becoming customers. With a career working for companies like Scotiabank, CBC, Rogers Communications, Corus and Channel 4 in the UK, I’ve worked in radio, television and magazine. But I specialize in making great digital content.


I pride myself on being up to date on the latest digital trends, whether that means a slick new CMS or a social platform that only teenagers use. I can write, edit and I know lots of talented freelancers. And I’ve delivered large scale projects to deadline time and time again. Whether you need a couple lines of marketing copy or a revamp of your content marketing and editorial strategy, I can help. I create editorial and social media calendars, style guides and help with data analysis, SEO and UX.

Editorial Work

Editorial Work

I write for brands' websites - lifestyle, music and home decor pieces are my bread and butter. But I also am very interested in finance and business writing. Click through to read some of my more recent pieces.

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Contact Me

Contact Me

Please get in touch through LinkedIn.

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